Dog walking:

30min walks and 60min walks

Once a consultation is confirmed, I will meet with you to discuss all the requirements that both you and your dog(s) have. Meeting in person will allow you to ask me any questions you may have and to see how your pooches and I get along.

Your dog(s) will be walked in a one on one session in the local area and park. There will also be opportunities for group walks as and when client appointments coincide.

After a thorough walk, your dog(s) will be taken home and left in the most comfortable atmosphere possible. So, if it’s been raining or perhaps they’ve had a bit too much fun, your dog will be rubbed down and brushed off, so he/she is dry and relaxed.

I will also make sure there is fresh water and food set out(if necessary) and lock up; leaving your loved one(s) happily exhausted and sorted for the rest of the day.

As standard part of this service, I will text/twitter/email/Facebook you to tell you of the day’s events, so you feel connected with your pet(s) at all times.

Any other requirements can be discussed when we meet.

Cat Sitting:

Going away on holiday; and don’t want your cat(s) stuck in a cattery, away from where they’re most comfortable? Then this is the service for you.

We will discuss your cat(s) habits, schedule and tendencies and arrange an individual plan that is suitable to maintain consistency, including how many visits per day you would like, feeding times etc.

Litter trays will be cleaned, fresh water and food will be served and any other requirements your cat(s) may have. A little playtime and interaction is standard and cuddles are recommended. Your post will be collected and plants watered if required.

Pop In Service:

If you are at work and would like your dog/cat checked up on during the day we can accommodate daily visits to replenish food, change litter etc.

I can let your dog out into the garden for some fresh air, or just play and interact with your pet and make sure he/she is having a great day.
If you’ve had a new puppy or kitten join the family, who needs a sitter or to be fed during the day, I would be happy to make the arrangements and attend to this for you also.