Hi my name  is Tracey mum to George hes an old Englih bulldog and yes his very stubborn, i wouldn't want him any other way, dogs have a way of making you feel so happy , they bring so much joy into your life and they are so loyal.

My love of animals most definitely came from my mum,  as a child we always had cats and dogs , my mum used to take in all the stray cats in the neibourhood so we always had a house full of animals , my mum always used to tell me a home isnt a home without an animal i couldnt agree more, ive always looked after fanily and friends dogs, so dog walking is the perfect job , i get  to have fun every day with all the doggies and of course making sure they enjoy themselves as much as me.


Hello! My name is Oriol and I'm a self confessed animal lover! I am mad about dogs and always say hello when I meet a friendly canine friend out and about.

I started dog walking over a year ago after deciding I needed a change of pace from making coffee at Starbucks. I love being outside, especially with the dogs, feeling free to roam! Getting to know the different dogs at Pet Active has been brilliant and Andreia has been really supportive. She has really helped me get to know each of the dogs and how to best handle their individual needs. Each pup is so different!

When I'm not out walking my client's dogs, I'm cuddling my own two cockapoos at home. I love their loyal nature and seeing both waggy tails when I come home at the end of the day! I'm really spoilt to have so much puppy love - both at work and at home!


Hello, my name is Merja and im a Life long animal lover.

Having a lot of experience with dogs and cats. As well as experience with my own pets and taking care of pets for friends and family.

I love to making sure the dog gets the exercise they need and is having as much fun as possible when we are out together.

I come from Finland where the four very distinct weather seasons - so you can count on me being happy to take the dogs for a walk whatever the weather.


My hobbies - I love to read lot, helping with the children’s homework and, would you believe it walks in the park on weekends too.


​Every opportunity I got as a child I would help my gran in Kent with her three dogs, starting with two standard poodles and an Alsatian/Collie cross. She also bred Abyssinian cats and I spent time with the kittens to get them used to children. I would help with all the cleaning and tidying when she ran a cattery. She also kept chickens and goats. I loved these goats, helping to milk them and spend time on their grooming regime.

As a family we had a wonderful Border Collie Cross called Ben, an energetic, loveable dog who when he arrived, a little shy was a better present than anything else we'd ever had.

After spending time walking, the care and thought that goes into that activity, with dogs for Andreia and meeting owners who truly care and love their dogs I feel blessed to be doing this work.

When staying in your home, for Home Boarding, I like to ensure I pass that feeling on by taking extra care and giving full attention to your best friend and the place you both call home whilst you're away.